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Nfl survivor picks week 3

nfl survivor picks week 3

We're back with more NFL picks, including a look at the 49ers, Week 3 straight up picks, and a Survivor pool. Helping you survive your NFL suicide, survival or knockout football pool until the end of season. In this post, we'll share expert advice and analysis for making your Week 3 NFL picks, with specific tips for pick 'em pools and survivor leagues.

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I won't take the Raiders in D. Some Tools Provided by FantasyPros links open in new tabs. Do they hope one of these days they won't come back? My pick this week is New England. nfl survivor picks week 3

Nfl survivor picks week 3 - football odds

I did well last week giving out an easy Raiders play and my two avoids, the Bengals and Cardinals were solid. College Football Recruiting Every Day Should Be Saturday View team list. But if you put extra priority on current week safety, as 7.

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